DWC 2017 - Day 4

Thursday, 5 January 2017 01:22
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Gah, technically another late netry, but I felt sick for a bit. That's why this time it's also a bit shorter than the previous ones. u_u And also Anime Winter 2017 season has officially started for me (with Nanbaka's 2nd cour), so woops XD I reached 100 words at least, so that's something.

PROMPT: uneasiest, calves, computably, soreness, rovings, sifters

Sean wakes up groaning, the sunlight filtering in his bedroom window blinding him and the entirety of his body too sticky and too sore to function.

He tries to get up, but the two bodies trapping both of his arms prevented that.

Right. Last night happened. Him. And the twins. All fucking night. Until all of them passed out actually.

Sean groans again. I am so going to hell, he thinks. He tries shaking his arms, to wake Mikey and Alex up. Thankfully, it works.

"What's going on?" Alex groggily asks.

"You two get the hell of me, I need to take a piss. Shit, I don't even know if I can stand up, I can't feel my calves. Or the entirety of my legs really. You two are fucking insatiable," Sean grumbles at the two, which was only met with soft laughter. God, these two will be the death of him. At least they moved themselves so he can finally move arms.

"After this we're going to have to talk."

DWC 2017 - Day 3

Wednesday, 4 January 2017 00:28
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Welp, this one's a bit late—it's technically the 4th already in here, but eh. I got distracted trying to play Idolm@ster sideM, woops, ahahaha.

But anyway, chaffing is actually different than chafing, huh? The former means to tease, apparently. You learn something new everyday.

PROMPT: grimmer, node, resorted, abstemiously, chaffing, resembled

"This is not the time to be teasing me about my stupid hair, dammit!"

Anselm didn't mean to shout, but with Hal acting like he's not on the verge of death, it's making him tearful and angry. He doesn't know at what. At the world, for being so fucking unfair. At his older brother, for being such a reckless idiot and for always trying to protect Anselm. At himself, for being weak to not be able to do the same to Hal, for being completely, absolutely helpless right now.

"Don't worry, Anselm, the eternal bedhead looks great on you," Hal says with a smile, but his voice is weak and punctured with ragged breaths. "And you'll totally be a catch with all the boys and the girls, once you stop clinging onto me so much."

"Stop saying that! I don't... please, Hal, I can't... I can't live wi—"

Hal cuts Anselm off with a hand cupping the latter's cheek, bringing their faces closer and resting their foreheads together. "Oh my love, yes you can. You will. I know you can do it." His older brother's words are barely a whisper, but it might as well have been screams, the way it deafened Anselm's ears. He doesn't want to hear this.

"Take care of yourself, little brother, okay?"

Hal's hand falls and his body slumps into him, the last of his life leaving his body like smoke.

Anselm screams himself hoarse towards the grim and grey heavens.

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Day 2! I can't believe I managed another ~600 words. Let's hope I can keep this up, ahahaha.

PROMPT: harshness, impoverish, reveille, managerial, grips, savoury

Yoni opens his eyes at the sight of Taavi's sleeping face. He stares at his beloved for a while, the quiet only punctuated by the crackling of the torches and the susurration of the insects outside. Oh how he looks more his age when he's asleep, Yoni thinks, the harsh lines of duty and responsibility softening and almost melting into nothingness. He loves his king, every part of him and more, but sometimes Yoni misses the days when they were only but children, carefree and ignorant of the world.

He brings a hand up, caressing Taavi's cheek, and presses a soft kiss on his fiery head before getting up and getting out of the tent they share. The sky is still dark and dotted with stars. It'll be a few more hours before sunrise, before the reveille sounds to signal the troops to prepare for another day of marching across the wilderness.

Yoni walks towards the mess tent at the center of their encampment, nodding and smiling at one of the soldiers assigned to patrol as he passed by. He enters the tent and immediately takes in the smell of the food. He talks the cook into letting Yoni help him prepare breakfast, and is pleasantly surprised he only gets two, grumbling "but you're the Lord General" protest from the old man today.

He spends the remaining hours there, chopping vegetables, preparing the game they hunted the day before, and occasionally stirring the numerous pots of stew needed to feed the troops.

When the reveille finally sounds all across the camp to wake everybody else up, the cook kicks him out of the mess tent, but not before handing Yoni a tray with two large bowls filled with steaming, savoury stew, a fresh loaf of bread, a block of hard cheese, and fresh dates for him and their king.

Yoni carefully makes his way back to their tent, and when he enters and places the tray of food on the small table on the side he sees Taavi up on his feet, although he still doesn't seem to be fully awake.

When Taavi sees him however, his king perks up, quickly striding towards Yoni and encircling his arms around the latter's waist and hugging him from behind. "Where were you?" his beloved asks, the words I woke up and you weren't there unsaid but understood between them, echoing past hurts healed and forgiven but never forgotten.

"I brought breakfast," Yoni simply says. "There's fresh dates too. I think everybody in the kingdom knows how much you love them by now, and you know how much they want to please you."

Taavi only gives an agreeable hum, and instead starts peppering kisses on Yoni's neck in reply. He sighs, but he lets himself enjoy the sensations for a few moments before disentangling himself off of his beloved's arms. Yoni sits himself on one of the chairs and folds his arms together. "Breakfast first."

"And here I am a fool for looking forward to having my way with you first thing in the morning," Taavi sighs but complies, taking the other chair opposite. "Does that mean we can do it after?" his king says with a smirk.

Yoni rolls his eyes, but the fond smile that is surely showing in his face is most likely ruining the reprimanding tone on his voice as he says, "Only if we have the time."

"I'll take you up on your word then, my love," Taavi says and starts wolfing down the food with inhuman speed.

Yoni shakes his head, resolving to take his time eating.

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Alright, first prompt of the year and I managed 600 words! I feel so accomplished right now. In other news, I'm signing up again this year for Chocolate Box, so I'm looking forward to that.

PROMPT: alaska, blackcurrant, nominees, reported, maybe, aortic

Hugh is standing on the center of a frozen lake, his mufflers, scarf, and thick thermal jacket absolutely useless against the Alaskan cold and snow. He doesn't know whether to blame his current predicament to his unknown parents for passing down genes that makes him highly susceptible to freezing his ass off, or the state of Alaska for having the dubious honour of being behind only to Greenland and the fucking South Pole in Hugh's "Places Where I'd Rather Burn Myself Than Visit Again" list.

As he finishes cutting a hole on the ice, it occurs to Hugh that he could also probably place all blame on his current employer crouching beside him. He could claim he was being misled, since he met Mr. Quirke in Florida and he had not, in fact, mentioned going anywhere near this freezing hell when he offered Hugh a job.

"Have you finished with your task, my boy?" asks Mr. Quirke, who looks just about done attaching the weights on the most recent corpse they're trying to dispose of.

Hugh only nods in reply, because despite the cold, the older man's low, rumbling voice never fails to elicit a reaction from his traitorous dick. His boss's messy salt and pepper hair and piercing green eyes framed by simple black glasses might also have something to do it. (So yeah, with Mr. Quirke being the recurring star of his wanking fantasies for almost three months now, Hugh doesn't have the heart to blame the man.)

"Good, now you take this poor man by his legs and we'll let him rest at the bottom of the lake," his boss says as he stands up and repositions himself so he can take the corpse by his armpits. The two of them haul him up easily enough, and it's not long before the corpse disappears into the lake's dark depths.

"Good job, Hugh," says Mr. Quirke with a fond smile and claps him in the shoulder at the same time. "It is a real shame about that nice young man. His heart would have been an exact match to the one we're looking for if not for his bicuspid aortic valve," the older man adds with a sigh. "What a waste of death. We'll have to have a little talk with our informant about this massive oversight."

(Which probably means said informant will be in so much pain he'll wish he was dead. Hugh grins at the thought. He's gonna be looking forward to it, since he never really liked the guy.)

A gust of wind blows, not particularly strong but it still makes Hugh shiver and wish he can just run towards the nearest place with central heating. But Mr. Quirke is with him and Hugh can't (and won't) really leave him. So instead he says through chattering teeth, "Should we get some consolatory food for this failure then, Mr. Quirke? I've heard the nearest café... or, well, it's more of a bakery really, I think. But uhm, yeah, I heard they have some awesome blackcurrant pie on sale."

Mr. Quirke laughs at that, bringing up his hand up to fondly ruffle Hugh's hair. Said hand (thick, strong, and so warm it feels hot to the touch) then slides down to rest on the back of his neck, thumb languidly rubbing a patch of skin behind his ear that sends an entirely different kind of shiver down Hugh's spine. "You know me so well, my boy," his boss says. "Lead the way."

Hugh flushes. He hates the cold, but he's starting to think it's not so bad if it meant more moments like this.

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I've always wanted to do a daily writing challenge, so with 2017 approaching (in approximately 4 hours for me), I made a brand new Scrivener project, created a template for all the days, and generated a full list of prompts from a prompt generator I wrote a while back (and should probably try tinkering with the code again, but that's another matter XD).

A prompt in this case is 6 randomly-generated words, and the challenge is to directly use or get inspired of at least 2 to write a minimum of 100 words.

If anybody else would also like to give it a try, here's the full list of prompts I'm gonna be doing, all 366 of them (well, 2017's not a leap year but whatever. Think of it as a bonus prompt :p):

big-ass list coming right up )
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So uhm, hi. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ The username's adustyspectacle, but that's like 10 letters too long so you can call me dusty. This'll be the first time I'll be participating in Yuletide, and I'm equal parts nervous and excited. I honestly have no idea what to write here and was just gonna link to this General Likes/Dislkes Post for Prospective Gifters I did from the two previous gift exchanges I've participated in, but that seemed a bit lazy, so. ^^;;

Anyway. First off, since my DW/LJ account is severely lacking for stalking purposes, here's my AO3, my Tumblr, and my AniList.

Do Not Wants

Next would be my DNWs. There's a bunch listed on the post I linked above, but you don't have to follow that one. I'll just be listing here the most relevant ones:

  • Major Character Death - That's the one archive warning in my DNW. I'm fine with the others as long as it fits the tone of the fandom I've requested, e.g. I'm okay with Rape/Non-con in Gundam IBO (although hopefully that one doesn't happen between any of my requested characters :D) but not in Shounen Maid.
  • Character Bashing - Pretty self-explanatory.
  • 1st/2nd person POV - I have a weird aversion for them when it comes to fanfics. 1st person I'm pretty okay with in epistolary-style fics, or if the POV is an OC, but other than that, eh.
  • Genderswaps - I'm a gay-as-fuck dude who loves to read about dudes who are also into dudes, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I don't mind if an M/M pairing gets swapped to F/F (or vice-versa, but I don't think I've ever actually seen that particular one happen before), but turning it to F/M almost always rubs me the wrong way. Genderswapping F/M to M/M or F/F too, now that I think about it. So yeah, unless there's like reincarnation and multiple lives or something involved, and it ends in M/M or F/F, then genderswaps doesn't really interest me.
  • Infidelity, Cheating - Pretty self-explanatory, so please don't.
  • Het Incest - My requested fandom/characters probably wouldn't need this DNW, but just in case. I'm perfectly fine reading incest, just not het incest. That also goes for characters who are not related at all but have a sibling- or parent-like relationship in canon.
  • A/B/O Dynamics - I don't mind them in PWPs, but I really don't care for it otherwise.
  • Eye Gore - Yeah, these freaks me out. If the eyeballs are detached from the person, go ahead, do your worst. But if it's still attached and somebody does anything to it (scooping them out, puncturing them, putting on contacts...) that's an instant nope for me.
  • Smut - I'm... very very picky when it comes to smut, so I'd rather just rule it out than list all my kinks and squicks (not to mention kinks I'm fine with in certain situations, but not in others, kinks I only like when accompanied with other kinks...), lol. With that said, I'm not averse at all to sexual situations happening in the fic as long as it doesn't overwhelm the whole thing.

Things I Like

Okay, so if I hadn't listed it as a DNW, chances are I'd probably love it. But here's some of stuff I am really into:

  • Canon-compliant or Canon-divergent fics - Fics that can make me feel it actually happened in canon, or fics that ask "what if this instead of that happened in canon?" and then run with it are my favorites.
  • AUs - With that said, I also love AUs as long as the characters are recognizably them. Any kind of fantasy or sci-fi AU I am down. Mundane/Modern Setting/No Powers AUs also, if the fandom isn't already set there (like Gatchaman or IBO).
  • Pining - Mutal pining. Oblivious mutal pining. All the pining.
  • Humor - Whether it's crack or black humor in darkfics, go for it!
  • Kidfic - I mentioned this in Amaama Inazuma down below, but yeah. I really love kidfic. I don't know why but I really do—I have this 300k fic I always read from time to time even if it does need serious editing just because it presses my kidfic button so hard. Kid in question being in the age range where they can actually talk and interact is preferable, but I wouldn't say no to babies.
  • Domesticity - I love kidfic, what did you expect? XD

Alright, onto my requested fandoms!

Gatchaman CROWDS )
Shounen Maid )
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans )
Amaama to Inazuma | Sweetness and Lightning )
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Previously titled Chocolate Box Letter Thing. I'm just gonna be editing this ~because I'm lazy~ so I can use this post for other exchanges too,

Art Likes/Dislikes:

  • Hmm, I don't really have anything specific to be honest, so you can go wild as you want. Anything in the list below that can be applied to art it is then. Ooh, I guess an exception would be that I'd be okay with pretty explicit, NSFW art.

Fic Likes:

  • kid!fic: preferably a kid that can already interact with others, but still kinda cute? So 4-12yo I guess? Either the characters are actual kids (deaging optional but encouraged), or the pairings requested get kids of their own.
  • angsty fics with happy endings: especially if the angst is centered around my favorite characters (you can check my fandom summary if you like)
  • hurt/comfort: especially if the hurt is inflicted to my favorite characters (see fandom summary again for list of favorite characters if you're curious)
  • fics as close to canon as possible: episode codas, missing scenes, canon-divergent AUs, wonderfully IC characters
  • snark and banter
  • fics that fleshes out a character's backstory (especially for characters with little to no canon backstory)
  • magical realism
  • AUs, specifically: Fantasy, SciFi, canon alternate universes, Modern setting.
  • Fandom Fusions, specifically: Daemons

Fic Dislikes / DNW:

Most of these are non-negotiable, unless the prompt specifically mentions a DNW. Then you go ahead and ignore this.

  • first person/second person POVs in fanfics: It kinda feels... invasive, for some reason? I know it's weird, and it doesn't bother me on original works, but yeah. Third person POVs only, unless it's an epistolary or something like that.
  • major character death
  • OOC characters
  • genderswaps - I'm a gay-as-fuck dude who loves to read about dudes who are also into dudes, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics
  • mpreg that has physical changes in it (round bellies, rearranging organs, etc). If it's a soul pregnancy or anything that doesn't result in literal assbabies then it's more than fine.
  • implausible crossovers
  • heterosexual incest, even for people not actually related. If they act like brother/sister, father/daughter, mother/son, et cetera, please don't pair them romantically/sexually. M/M or F/F incest is fine though.
  • AUs, specifically: Coffeeshop, Florist/Tattoo Artist, Stripper, Prostitute, Master/Slave, BDSM, Serial Killer, Hogwarts, Werewolves, Vampires, Mermaids, Victorian
  • Dark!fics. By which I mean making canon darker for the sake of being dark. I'm fine if canon itself is pretty dark
  • PWP: I'd rather not have any smut at all (because I'm super picky with it, ^^;;;), but as long as it doesn't overwhelm the plot I'm good with it
  • infidelity: please don't.
  • polyamory, unless it's a polyamorous ship I requested.

I'll tweak it later some more probably, but I hope the list is pretty comprehensive.

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Episode 9 coda, specifically the second half ("Jyushimatsu Falls In Love"). Except you know, a bit more incest-y, because I have loved 1/14 ever since ESP Kitty.

You can read it in AO3 here

It doesn’t surprise Ichimatsu when Jyushimatsu gets himself a girlfriend.

Well, okay, the moments before they found out did kind of freaked him out, if only because his younger brother was acting all weird and not all like the Jyushimatsu he knows and lo—

So yeah. Aside from that, it doesn’t surprise him at all. In fact, it doesn’t surprise him that Jyushimatsu’s the first one among them to actually get one; he might be weird and spazzy and just a bit too much hyper, but he’s an angel, really. He’s good and kind unlike the rest of them.

Read more... )
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Right, continuation of me posting some of the fics I've written. This one's for Big Hero 6. It was supposed to be Hidashi, but I can't make it work, so it turned into a quasi-platonic thing.

You can read it in AO3 here.

life and death (焼死)

Hiro woke up with a strangled scream. He had a nightmare, although he couldn’t exactly remember what it was. All he could remember was the feeling of heat, licking on his skin as it devoured him. Hiro was screaming from the pain, how it burned. He remembered how painful screaming was too, as smoke and soot and ash choked his throat.

“Hey, you okay?” The voice made Hiro’s blood run cold. It shouldn’t have, because it was just Tadashi, and as he looked at his brother, face etched with worry (it was one of Hiro’s earliest memories, really, seeing worry on his brother’s face), he remembered his nightmare again.

Hiro was screaming, but it wasn’t his voice. It was Tadashi’s.

Read more... )
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Alright, I'm making sure this time I wouldn't leave this journal for such a long time. I'm gonna go post some fics I've written in the mean time. This one's Maehara/Isogai from Ansatsu Kyoushitsu.

Read it in AO3 here.

When he opens his eyes, Maehara sees Isogai.

It makes him instinctively smile, because he’s never not happy to see his best friend’s face. There’s a familiar look of worry and concern in his eyes, and it makes Maehara’s heart flutter that it’s for him.

Funny. He’s potentially dying from being infected by an unknown virus, but all he can think about is kissing his best friend senseless. (Not that he has the courage. If he did, he would have done it years ago.)

Read more... )

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