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Thursday, 13 October 2016 09:22
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So uhm, hi. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ The username's adustyspectacle, but that's like 10 letters too long so you can call me dusty. This'll be the first time I'll be participating in Yuletide, and I'm equal parts nervous and excited. I honestly have no idea what to write here and was just gonna link to this General Likes/Dislkes Post for Prospective Gifters I did from the two previous gift exchanges I've participated in, but that seemed a bit lazy, so. ^^;;

Anyway. First off, since my DW/LJ account is severely lacking for stalking purposes, here's my AO3, my Tumblr, and my AniList.

Do Not Wants

Next would be my DNWs. There's a bunch listed on the post I linked above, but you don't have to follow that one. I'll just be listing here the most relevant ones:

  • Major Character Death - That's the one archive warning in my DNW. I'm fine with the others as long as it fits the tone of the fandom I've requested, e.g. I'm okay with Rape/Non-con in Gundam IBO (although hopefully that one doesn't happen between any of my requested characters :D) but not in Shounen Maid.
  • Character Bashing - Pretty self-explanatory.
  • 1st/2nd person POV - I have a weird aversion for them when it comes to fanfics. 1st person I'm pretty okay with in epistolary-style fics, or if the POV is an OC, but other than that, eh.
  • Genderswaps - I'm a gay-as-fuck dude who loves to read about dudes who are also into dudes, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I don't mind if an M/M pairing gets swapped to F/F (or vice-versa, but I don't think I've ever actually seen that particular one happen before), but turning it to F/M almost always rubs me the wrong way. Genderswapping F/M to M/M or F/F too, now that I think about it. So yeah, unless there's like reincarnation and multiple lives or something involved, and it ends in M/M or F/F, then genderswaps doesn't really interest me.
  • Infidelity, Cheating - Pretty self-explanatory, so please don't.
  • Het Incest - My requested fandom/characters probably wouldn't need this DNW, but just in case. I'm perfectly fine reading incest, just not het incest. That also goes for characters who are not related at all but have a sibling- or parent-like relationship in canon.
  • A/B/O Dynamics - I don't mind them in PWPs, but I really don't care for it otherwise.
  • Eye Gore - Yeah, these freaks me out. If the eyeballs are detached from the person, go ahead, do your worst. But if it's still attached and somebody does anything to it (scooping them out, puncturing them, putting on contacts...) that's an instant nope for me.
  • Smut - I'm... very very picky when it comes to smut, so I'd rather just rule it out than list all my kinks and squicks (not to mention kinks I'm fine with in certain situations, but not in others, kinks I only like when accompanied with other kinks...), lol. With that said, I'm not averse at all to sexual situations happening in the fic as long as it doesn't overwhelm the whole thing.

Things I Like

Okay, so if I hadn't listed it as a DNW, chances are I'd probably love it. But here's some of stuff I am really into:

  • Canon-compliant or Canon-divergent fics - Fics that can make me feel it actually happened in canon, or fics that ask "what if this instead of that happened in canon?" and then run with it are my favorites.
  • AUs - With that said, I also love AUs as long as the characters are recognizably them. Any kind of fantasy or sci-fi AU I am down. Mundane/Modern Setting/No Powers AUs also, if the fandom isn't already set there (like Gatchaman or IBO).
  • Pining - Mutal pining. Oblivious mutal pining. All the pining.
  • Humor - Whether it's crack or black humor in darkfics, go for it!
  • Kidfic - I mentioned this in Amaama Inazuma down below, but yeah. I really love kidfic. I don't know why but I really do—I have this 300k fic I always read from time to time even if it does need serious editing just because it presses my kidfic button so hard. Kid in question being in the age range where they can actually talk and interact is preferable, but I wouldn't say no to babies.
  • Domesticity - I love kidfic, what did you expect? XD

Alright, onto my requested fandoms!

Gatchaman CROWDS

Characters: Hibiki Jou, Tachibana Sugane

Slash preferably, but gen would be awesome too, because I have a need for these two, ahahaha. What interests me the most is these two pre-series. Like, what happened between Jou saving Sugane from the MESS when the latter was young and the events of the first season? Was Sugane an orphan? Did they live together? Their backstory was just woefully unexplored.

Anything post-Insight would be pretty good too. Again, they were sadly underused during the second season, but their dynamic now that they're both adults would be very interesting to see.

The one thing I was disappointed about with this otherwise pretty awesome series is that there's not much focus on the other characters, especially in season 2. Pretty much why I never warmed up to Tsubasa was because the characters I would've loved to see more of—Jou, Sugane, OD and Utsutsu—got even less screentime.

But anyway. I really love Sugane looking up to Jou. It's cute. I don't really know what else to say, but I just really wanna see more and character interaction.

Oh, if you can use 'Jou' instead of 'Joe' that would be awesome. XD

Shounen Maid

Characters: Hino Yuuji, Komiya Chihiro

I'm good with either gen or slash (although I do have a preference for the latter XD). I think Yuuji might actually be my favorite character in this anime, and I love every single one of them, ahahaha. I just love that Chihiro, who worries so much about everyone else he doesn't have time to worry about himself, has Yuuji to worry in his stead for him.

For prompts, hmm.. I'd really be interested how their dynamic would play out when they're older, like in highschool. Or maybe something canon-divergent where Chihiro did live with the Hino's instead of Madoka's?

Ugh, this fucking show. This is the epitome of 'don't judge a book by its cover', and holy crap did the cover sucked. But the warmth and unabashed sentiment of the inside was a lovely surprise and just an absolute joy to watch. You know that feeling where you just wanna give someone a real tight hug so you do and they hug back tightly? This show felt like that.

As I mentioned, Hino's my favorite. I love that's he's very perceptive and just really looks out for Chihiro.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Characters: Akihiro Altland, Orga Itsuki, Mikazuki Augus

Gen or Slash (with a preference for the latter)! Any permutation of these three would be awesome (with Mikazuki/Akihiro/Orga being my OTP for these series), but especially anything Akihiro-centric would be cool because he's my favorite and I like the suffering he goes through in canon XD I also wouldn't mind something centered around Mika or Orga (or both!) as long as Akihiro has a major presence in it.

This is my first Gundam series. I've always wanted to get into Gundam, since I enjoy the idea on an abstract level (and I enjoy mecha in general because what's not to love about MOTHERFUCKING GIANT ROBOTS), but the completionist in me is intimidated by how huge the main timeline is.

Thankfully, this one's a separate continuity with no prior knowledge needed. What really drew me in was with its portrayal of child soldiers. Mikazuki especially in that regard, as his personality is just wonderfully grey and complex, but the rest of Tekkadan too. Not to mention Orga and Mika's dynamic is just the perfect balance of cute and fucked up.

And as I said above, Akihiro is one of my absolute favorites. His this quiet, kinda intimidating at first glance kind of guy but he's just awkward all around. I really felt for his story—I have a weakness for brother sibling dynamics, so his plotline with Masahiro was catnip to me. I also love that Akihiro and Mika are workout buddies. Really, I love Tekkadan's downtimes where they just take a breather from all the shit that happens to them.

Amaama to Inazuma | Sweetness and Lightning

Characters: Yagi Yuusuke, Inuzuka Kouhei

Oh my god Yagi is just so gay for Kouhei I just aaaahhhh

Ahem. Again, gen or slash (although with an overwhelming preference for the latter this time, sorry ^^;;), but I'd really really like it if Yagi's feelings for Kouhei are very much text and not subtext. It can be unrequited or not, I'm fine either way.

For prompts on the slashier side, I'd be stoked to see Kouhei finding out about Yagi's feelings and how would that go for them. On the more gen side, Anything involving these two being domestic with Tsumugi would be awesome. For both gen and slash, I think it would be interesting to see how their interactions would be as friends, as that didn't get really explored much in the anime/manga.

I nearly didn't watch this to be honest. I love kidfic, and I love food, so this was something I knew I would enjoy watching. But a het teacher-student romance between Kouhei and Kotori was really something I didn't want to see and, given that it's anime, it's a very possible outcome.

But I've read spoilers on that particular subplot and have my fears allayed a bit, and boy was I glad I gave it a shot.

In case it wasn't clear, I really really really love Yagi. XD I have a soft spot for those 'looks like bad news but is actual a big sweet softie' type of guys (ah, gap moe at its finest). Plus, pairing (in all the ways) that type with a "normal" guy like Kouhei, well... how could I resist?

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Previously titled Chocolate Box Letter Thing. I'm just gonna be editing this because I'm lazy.

Art Likes/Dislikes:

  • Hmm, I don't really have anything specific to be honest, so you can go wild as you want. Anything in the list below that can be applied to art it is then. Ooh, I guess an exception would be that I'd be okay with pretty explicit, NSFW art.

Fic Likes:

  • kid!fic: preferably a kid that can already interact with others, but still kinda cute? So 4-12yo I guess? Either the characters are actual kids (deaging optional), or the pairings requested get kids of their own.
  • angsty fics with happy endings: especially if the angst is centered around my favorite characters (you can check my fandom summary if you like)
  • hurt/comfort: especially if the hurt is inflicted to my favorite characters (see fandom summary again for list of favorite characters if you're curious)
  • fics as close to canon as possible: episode codas, missing scenes, canon-divergent AUs, wonderfully IC characters
  • snark and banter
  • fics that fleshes out a character's backstory (especially for characters with little to no canon backstory)
  • magical realism
  • AUs, specifically: Fantasy, SciFi, canon alternate universes, Modern setting.

Fic Dislikes / DNW:

Most of these are non-negotiable, unless the prompt specifically mentions a DNW. Then you go ahead and ignore this.

  • first person/second person POVs in fanfics: It kinda feels... invasive, for some reason? I know it's weird, and it doesn't bother me on original works, but yeah. Third person POVs only, unless it's an epistolary or something like that.
  • major character death
  • OOC characters
  • genderswaps
  • Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics
  • mpreg that has physical changes in it (round bellies, rearranging organs, etc). If it's a soul pregnancy or anything that doesn't result in literal assbabies then it's more than fine.
  • implausible crossovers
  • heterosexual incest, even for people not actually related. If they act like brother/sister, father/daughter, mother/son, et cetera, please don't pair them romantically/sexually. M/M or F/F incest is fine though.
  • AUs, specifically: Coffeeshop, Florist/Tattoo Artist, Stripper, Prostitute, Master/Slave, BDSM, Serial Killer, Hogwarts, Werewolves, Vampires, Mermaids, Victorian
  • Dark!fics.
  • PWP: I'd rather not have any smut at all, but as long as it doesn't overwhelm the plot I'm good with it
  • infidelity: please don't.
  • polyamory, unless it's a polyamorous ship I requested.

I'll tweak it later some more probably, but I hope the list is pretty comprehensive.

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Episode 9 coda, specifically the second half ("Jyushimatsu Falls In Love"). Except you know, a bit more incest-y, because I have loved 1/14 ever since ESP Kitty.

You can read it in AO3 here

It doesn’t surprise Ichimatsu when Jyushimatsu gets himself a girlfriend.

Well, okay, the moments before they found out did kind of freaked him out, if only because his younger brother was acting all weird and not all like the Jyushimatsu he knows and lo—

So yeah. Aside from that, it doesn’t surprise him at all. In fact, it doesn’t surprise him that Jyushimatsu’s the first one among them to actually get one; he might be weird and spazzy and just a bit too much hyper, but he’s an angel, really. He’s good and kind unlike the rest of them.

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Right, continuation of me posting some of the fics I've written. This one's for Big Hero 6. It was supposed to be Hidashi, but I can't make it work, so it turned into a quasi-platonic thing.

You can read it in AO3 here.

life and death (焼死)

Hiro woke up with a strangled scream. He had a nightmare, although he couldn’t exactly remember what it was. All he could remember was the feeling of heat, licking on his skin as it devoured him. Hiro was screaming from the pain, how it burned. He remembered how painful screaming was too, as smoke and soot and ash choked his throat.

“Hey, you okay?” The voice made Hiro’s blood run cold. It shouldn’t have, because it was just Tadashi, and as he looked at his brother, face etched with worry (it was one of Hiro’s earliest memories, really, seeing worry on his brother’s face), he remembered his nightmare again.

Hiro was screaming, but it wasn’t his voice. It was Tadashi’s.

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Alright, I'm making sure this time I wouldn't leave this journal for such a long time. I'm gonna go post some fics I've written in the mean time. This one's Maehara/Isogai from Ansatsu Kyoushitsu.

Read it in AO3 here.

When he opens his eyes, Maehara sees Isogai.

It makes him instinctively smile, because he’s never not happy to see his best friend’s face. There’s a familiar look of worry and concern in his eyes, and it makes Maehara’s heart flutter that it’s for him.

Funny. He’s potentially dying from being infected by an unknown virus, but all he can think about is kissing his best friend senseless. (Not that he has the courage. If he did, he would have done it years ago.)

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What the title says. I’ve got a lot of fandoms, so it’s pretty long. Still, it’s not a comprehensive list of each of that fandom’s tags, as I’m only listing the ones I’m interested in browsing.

Copy everything between the 「」. The search string can be pretty long for some of the ships, and it’s like that so it’ll show the most number of works. It’s usually for the slash ships, because sometimes they like to make a distinction on who’s the seme (the top) and who’s the uke (the bottom). But then again, the tagging is pretty arbitrary, so I wouldn’t count on it if you really have preferences for that kind of thing.

If you need help finding a tag (preferably from a fandom I’m in, but if not, that’s okay too), just send me a message or an ask. There will be stuff I won’t help with though, mostly ships and characters I don’t like. (Yes I’m a bit petty like that.) I’ll note which ones not to ask me if our fandoms ever coincide.

One last thing:

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So this was supposed to be a fluffy oneshot with a jealous Dean because Cas found himself a boyfriend. But now there's chapters and angst so.. yep. You can also read it at AO3 or Tumblr.

lone wolves

The hunter cursed himself as he lost sight of the creature he was supposed to be hunting. He quickened his step, almost running, but the night made him cautious. At least the sky was cloudless and the moon full, her pale glow softly illuminating the forest where it escaped into. It was eerily quiet, even with the soft rustling of the trees. The birds were silent, as if they were scared of the beast lurking amongst them right now.

It was his first time hunting a werewolf, even if he already knew the lore about them. Easy enough to kill, although silver bullets are a pain in the ass to get. He could have used a knife, but he’s not really as confident with blades as he is with guns.

He broke into a run and threw stealth out of the metaphorical window. There was no point, he reasoned with himself. The werewolf could probably hear or smell him even if he was quiet. He just hoped there was nobody here at this hour. It was late, almost dawn. And it wasn’t as if there was anything to see except for the trees, so there should be no one, but you never know.

Of course, the gods (or whoever, he doesn’t really know, nor does he particularly care) were cruel and capricious. There was a clearing up ahead, with a body of water that’s too small for a lake but too big to be a pond. He finally spotted the werewolf, and he sighed in relief. Dread, however, quickly sank in as it rapidly approached someone standing near the water.

He took bigger, wider steps, forcing his legs to go faster, while quickly debating with himself on what to do. He considered shouting, alerting the crazy guy who likes to wander around in forests and stare at god knows what at the water’s surface, but that would alert the werewolf too. It might get spooked and escape. But then again, he didn’t really want to know what it would feel like if the guy gets his heart eaten right in front of him because of his indecision.

Not that it mattered now, because there’s no time. The werewolf was so close, he knew that even if he shouted now the guy would still be dead. Fuck. He started shouting anyway.


There was a glint of silver, and next thing he knew, the werewolf was dead.

What the fuck?

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He lives

Thursday, 8 January 2015 15:28
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So hey. I always feel bad when I neglect a journal-slash-blog thing, but most of what I'm feeling right now is just eh. It's not that I want to neglect this, it's just I don't have anything to say. I've finally stopped (mostly) trawling through AO3's Destiel archive. It only took watching season 8, 9, and 10 of SPN and writing a few fics to make me stop, so that's nice.

Anyway, about those fics I've been writing. There's 3 of them and I haven't finished one, but I'm gonna go add snippets of what I've written so far so this blog thing isn't so empty.

More after the cut, because it's probably going to be lengthy.
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fanfiction coma

Wednesday, 3 December 2014 02:40
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Jeez, I haven't even since an episode of Supernatural since season 7 and for the past.. two/three/i stopped counting weeks I'm gorging myself in Destiel fanfiction.

Like, what the fuck

Seriously, it's turning into a bit of a problem. I'm on page 70 on AO3 and there's no sign of me stopping.


On the other hand, here's a linkdump of destiel fics I've bookmarked after the cut.

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I started watching Phi Brain: Puzzle of God. Currently at episode 9. It's hilarious how they treat puzzling so seriously. Still, it's pretty entertaining standard shounen fare, but with puzzles. The characters are likable(Except maybe Edison[forgot his actual name, lol], I'm still a bit ambivalent about him), and their interactions are nice. Great shipping material. There's Kaito/Nonoha for childhood friends route, Kaito/Gammon are just tsunderes towards each other, Kaito/Ana for traps and confused boners, and Kaito/Jikugawa for puzzle turn-ons. There's also Kaito/Rook, which also seems like childhood friends, but Rook's kind of evil now so that's great too.

And the puzzles are not that bad. Very interesting. Especially the one with the kanji in episode 6. I'm gonna research some more puzzle games with kanji, because there's like so many possibilities.

I've also been rereading Silver Diamond. It's probably the most amount of hugs(bordering on ridiculous) I've ever seen ever. I don't mind though, because it's just adorable. I mean, I know when Rakan hugs someone or when he gets hugged by someone Chigusa will get it on with the hugs too, but it never ceases to make me smile.

Can't wait for the rest of the chapters to be scanlated. I'm excited, but also a bit sad because the series is already finished.


Sunday, 16 November 2014 13:01
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I guess I'm posting it here for posterity or something? so.. yeah. Copy pasting my note from AO3:

This was supposed to be the intro for a longer fic, but I realized I have no clue what to actually write next. I liked how this turned out though, so I'm posting it. I might add chapters if the fanfic muses grant me an epiphany, and I hope they do grant me an epiphany, but I'm probably waaay down on their waiting list.

Read it on AO3 here.

Mihashi was walking towards him, each step increasing his frustration towards the crutch, and every inch covered as the distance between them grew shorter his anger towards himself intensified. "Your leg—"

"I'll.. I'll work hard, so.. rely on me, Abe-kun!" Mihashi's words filled him, and regret surged inside. If only he wasn't so caught up with the past, then maybe things would have turned out different, he thought. If only he were a bit more patient with Mihashi. If only—

It was painful, even more so than the sprain in his leg. Mihashi looked composed, detached even. But when their eyes met, he broke down, tears falling to his cheeks. "We lost..." Mihashi said. He's seen him cry before, but this one hurt, like every part of his body was being torn apart.. burning, burning in a fire fueled by shame and guilt. He didn't know what to do. He had to do something, say something—

He smiled. Mihashi smiled. It was the first time he's ever seen it, and it made him sad. After all this time, he's only seeing it now, and he realized it was his fault. He remembered all the times he shouted at him. He wanted to see it again. He wanted to see it often, to see Mihashi smile because of him. He wanted to—

His arm was wrapped around Mihashi's neck and rested on his shoulders, their foreheads touching. What a meaningless gesture, he thought. It was the closest he's ever been to him; he could feel Mihashi's body shake; he could feel his breath touch his skin. Mihashi's tear-stricken face filled his vision while his quiet sobs filled his ears, reminding him of his carelessness. Don't cry, Mihashi, please don't cry.. I'm sorry.. Seeing you like this.. It was my fault, I'm sorry please stop crying it hurts it hurts it hurts—

Abe opened his eyes and woke. It was the middle of the night, not a sound to be heard except for a slight breeze and the rustling of the trees outside his bedroom window. He stared at the ceiling, trying to slow his breath. His eyes were wet, and he could feel the streaks left by his tears on his face.

A few hours later he succeeded on going back to sleep, if only fitfully. The nightmare was still waiting for him.

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So yeah, I'm reading waaay too many manga right now. OTL I've even missed 3 weeks worth(minimum, I think) of episodes of series(I've got like 14!! D:) I'm following this fall season too. But I can't seem to stop. Probably because a volume has a smaller filesize than an episode, so I can download much more and read more. It's a vicious cycle, I tell you.

Might as well talk about the stuff I've read, I guess?

The latest one I've finished is Shinkuu Yuusetsu. It's really nice. The artwork's pretty and the stories are pretty slice-of-lifey and calming. It's light on angst, except maybe the Keel/Elias ones. I think I like it them the most, if only because Keel is such a hottie(my megane fetish is showing, don't mind me). The 'gimmick' is interesting though, what with the supplier and receiver thing. The way that country's social norms differentiate because of the premise was covered pretty well. It would also be awesome if there was some backstory about how that kind of thing happens only in one country and not in others, like Hannes(it's kind of odd though that the name sounds scandinavian but the country where Hannes lives looks chinese).

But yeah, rael/alexi is pretty nice too. The BL might be light on this series but it's pretty obvious Alexi's never gonna be like Floran with the isle thing, because he's totally in love with Rael. Which reminds me, I love the Gil/Floran/Isle dynamic too.
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A quick drabble for Katekyo this time, because episode 182. Gokudera's almost crying face is a beauty to behold. It's also most likely the reason why all my 5927 fic ideas end up with Gokudera crying the fuck out.

This one's partly inspired by the 9th ED Suberidai, for the playground, the title, and the general feel of the fic. Seriously, read the lyrics. It's definitely about Gokudera's huge boner for his beloved Tenth.

Anyway, read the fic after the cut. It's also on AO3: Linkies

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So I guess I'll be making this some sort of recurring post type of thing but we'll see.

Anyway, right now I'm reading book 4(Wizard and Glass) of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. If you don't know what that is, get with the program it's 2014 already, jeez(I don't really have a right to say that though, because I only started reading it 6 months ago or so, lol).

But yeah, book 4. It's cool. Well, the first part's cool, with Blaine the Pain Train. Basically I love the parts with the ka-tet in them. But now I'm in the flashback part with Susan Delgado and stuff, which is.. kind of hard to read for me to be honest because I can't seem to give a shit about Roland's past, ahaha. I thought the flashback part was just gonna be a small slice of the book, but I skipped for a bit and peeped at the end, and turns out the flashback takes almost all of it. (;-;)

Also finally got around reading Negima. The amount of fanservice is just ridiculous it doesn't even bother me anymore. And Inugami returned woot! And looks like he's staying for a while! Well, I hope he stays for a while.. I want them to be bestbros and then lovebros. What the fuck is a lovebro

Ooh, and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is pretty nice! I'm still at the chapters covered by the anime though, but reading them was still hilarious. There was some stuff that didn't make it into the anime, like the much more longer version of Nozaki's 'date' with Ken-san. Which is just awesome because Nozaki's just fanboying so much, ahahaha.
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Oh look, a fanfic I wrote.

So Ogiwara is love. He managed to topple my aokuro OTP with one scene(the one where he showed up, ahaha). It's probably because of this weird childhood friends thing I have when it comes to shipping. I mean, that was the main reason I was shipping aokuro anyway(well, besides the whole rift between the two because aomine got angsty about being so stronk), because they were middleschool besties.

But yeah, enough rambling. here's something of an expansion about Ogiwara's and Kuroko's past funtimes. I'll add more when.. well, when I get lucky. Read it after the cut because it's kind of long.

Oh right, it's also on AO3, so if you'd rather read it there then, here's a link: Clickie here

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So yeah. I don't even know why I made a dreamwidth account on a whim. Probably because my laptop is shit and can't handle tumblr. But, well, not like I loved tumblr's endless scrolling, because I don't. It totally sucks.

Anyway, why am I bitching about tumblr

I'll try to update as often as possible, but previous attempts of keeping a journal of some sort was.. a failure to say the least. My old notebook journal was fun, and actually writing with an actual pen was very hipster. Plus I love the smell of paper. But my handwriting kind of sucks and my hand can't catch up with my thoughts. Typing was marginally faster, but not by much.

Er, okay, that's for my first post for now, I guess.